Why Twitch Streamers Are Flocking to eShopZone

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Real Codes. No BS.

Are you a Nintendo gamer? Do you put in hundreds of hours on your Switch or 3DS, playing the latest games? Then you can’t miss this! eShopZone is bringing gamers 100% legit eShop codes, for free! That’s right…eShop codes for credit you can use to buy games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Oddessy, Pokemon SwSh, and more! Unlike other sites out there on the web, our site is completely legit. Our codes are authentic, paid for using real cash. That’s right– we are:
  • 100% authentic codes
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Is This Legit?

It absolutely is legit! We’re gamers ourselves, and we know how luring those free eShop code scams can be. Those codes are fake, and often leave the user out of cash or with a virus. That’s why we set out to make a website that generates codes that actually work. We want to give back to the gaming community and help them afford the eShop games they’ve always dreamed of. We’re not motivated by making a profit or phishing your data. The only thing we get in return is the satisfaction of helping out fellow gamers.

How Does it Work?

So, how do we generate codes? And how are they really authentic? The answer is simple. We run several high traffic websites with ads. The money from this ad revenue goes into our AI, which purchases real eShop cards directly from Nintendo. When a guest visits our eShop code generator and clicks generate code, one of these real eShop codes is displayed. Voila! Genuine credits to your account. We’ve helped thousands of people get credits. Whether you want to pick up a cheap Indie game or the next latest and greatest triple A title, you can use these credits to do just that. You can just call us Robin Hood, because we’re giving back to fellow gamers.

“The money from this ad revenue goes into our AI, which purchases real eShop cards directly from Nintendo.”

What Do People Have to Say?

We love hearing back from our followers at eShopZone. Knowing the codes, purchased with real, earned money are going back to deserving gamers is an incredible feeling.
“Monster Hunter Rise was one of those games I was on the fence about. When it came out, it had really good reviews, but being new to the Monster Hunter fandom, I was a little hesitant to actually buy it (especially since I download all my titles and I can’t just sell it afterwards). I had the idea to look around for eShop codes online, but there were so many scams and sketchy sites that I was really nervous about it. I’m so glad I found eShopZone, because it’s truly one of the very few (if not only) code sites on the web that actually work. Flash forward a few weeks, and I have 200+ hours on Monster Hunter Rise. Thanks guys!” – David H.
“I was low key skeptical but I put in one of the codes anyways just to see because it couldn’t hurt. I got a $20 eShop code and was like ??? I told a few friends because I was so excited but now I think I’ll keep the site to myself, lol!” – Javier N.
“I was really bummed out when I got scammed on another site. I paid $5 for a $20 eShop code and it didn’t work, plus the seller ghosted me. eShopZone totally made up for it. I had to keep checking the site back a few times, but I was able to get a code for way more than I originally lost out on! Thanks for what you do!” – Will T.

Helping You Buy the Games You Love

We are gamers first and foremost. We get it. All these sketchy sites offering free codes and code generators are tough to navigate, and often just wind up leaving you disappointed. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could actually generate an eShop code and it would be legit? We thought so, so that’s why we set out to do it at eShopZone. It’s ambitious, but we’re up to the task. If you’re a gamer and want a 100% authentic, real eShop code, check us out today. Share it with any of your gaming buddies, too. If you missed out on that big release, or have had your eye on an Indie game for a while but can’t take the plunge, let us take it for you! We’re in this game together.